Tablet Messenger

Tablet Messenger is a multi-messenger app for Android tablets that synchronizes your messages in a bundled app and provides numerous settings MSupported Messenger:

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, GMail, Wire, Wechat, T-Online, GMX,, Twitter, VK, More messengers will follow soon.

That’s what the Tablet Messenger can do Manage Messenger => Add, remove, or mute individual messengers Adjustments Change font sizes and zoom into text or images

Messages Easily send and receive text and voice messages. Receive messages with notification – even if the app is running in the background or the display is disabled

 Security Secure the Tablet Messenger and all messages with a password. No saving of user data

Just start Install Install the Tablet Messenger on the Play Store on your tablet Select Select the messengers you want to use

LogiN Register once with your messengers And so the registration goes by the example WhatsApp Start the tablet messenger on your tablet and switch to the tab “WhatsApp”.

Wait until the QR code appears Start WhatsApp on your phone
Open the menu on the right in the Chats tab on your mobile phone and select the menu

item “WhatsApp Web Scan the QR code on the tablet with your mobile phone camera
The connection is made Done

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