‘It was right to continue my flight to China,’ the Ethiopian Airlines said

Ethiopian Airlines has provided crucial services to African countries that have close ties with China through trade.

The CEO said he does not believe the airline has a connection between the direct flight and the Cov-19 broadcast.

He also pointed out that the epidemic is already hurting, even in countries that have tightened travel controls and restrictions.

But he said a balance between economic factors and public health should be taken into account by blocking flights.

Ethiopian Airlines was one of a number of airlines that flew to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai when the disease spread to China.

Air travel is one of the most affected sectors after the disease spread worldwide, and it has been reported to have suffered a significant loss.

Reuters reported that the airline is operating at only 10 percent of its capacity and has lost more than $ 500 million in revenue over the last few months.

Speaking on the challenges faced by the aviation sector, Tewolde said

Although maintaining their organization during this crisis period is difficult, he added, adding that he is trying to compensate for the loss of passenger traffic by increasing flights.

Because At the time of the widespread outbreaks of coronavirus, a handful of airlines canceled flights to China.

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